Africa’s coolest star beds

Sleeping under the starlit skies is nothing new when you are on safari. But there are those that do it better than everyone else and will instantly sweep you off your feet. Whether you are experience it with your special someone or with the family, this is definitely an experience to add to your safari bucket list.

Abu Camp, Botswana

If it’s elephants you want, then Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta is the place for you. Fall asleep to the lullaby of elephants, contentedly rumbling and snoring just below deck – a one-of-a-kind experience in Africa.


Samara Private Game  Reserve, South Africa

Located in the Eastern Cape, Samara Private Game Reserve’s newly launched Milky Way Star Bed experience is definitely one for the bucket-list. A truly romantic wilderness experience, guests can indulge in a four-poster bed in the middle of the bush. The elevated platform boasts a seating area from which to admire the wildlife and river as well as a canvas roof should Mother Nature prove to be inclement, and bathroom facilities. The region is home to 60 mammal species such as aardvark, giraffe, rhino, cheetah, zebra and much more.

South africa_star-bed-moon-karoo-samara-milky-way-south-africa-1500x998

Norman Carr’s ‘Return to the Wild’, Zambia

Warning, not for the faint of heart! Norman Carr is reputed for their walking safaris in South Luangwa. Whilst walking between two of their bush camps, the most adventurous of guests can opt for a sleep out in the extremely remote Luwi dry river bed. Here, no luxuries, just a bed roll and a mossie net – just the way Norman Carr explored the wonders of the region. Fret not, a guide and scout keep watch should any predators start to feel  hungry…

Nkwichi Lodge, Malawi

One of Africa’s best kept secret, Nkwichi’s “Lake of Stars’ Bed” is the perfect beach-side indulgence. Guests can opt for a deserted, virgin beach surrounded by baobabs or, a private rock island by the shore where they can admire Fish Eagles flying by.

  Loisaba Star Beds, Kenya

The sweeping views from the wooden platforms over the valley and populous watering hole will enchant even the most tenacious urbanite. Four-poster wooden beds are rolled out each night allowing guests to enjoy the most unforgettable night between the African sky. Each platform boasts a sitting area and open plan bathroom so as not to miss out any of the beauty the night-sky has to offer.



Mvuu Camp, Malawi

Located within Liwonde National Park, Mvuu Lodge is an intimate getaway in an off the beaten track wilderness destination. To up the ante and really cut away from the rest of the world, the lodge offers a star bed experience, just 4km away from the main lodge. There, guests can fully immerse themselves in nature and take in the views of Liwonde’s vast floodplains, open marshes and woodlands. Hippos are commonly sighted in the surrounding waters of the region.



Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

No need to venture off into the unknown… the villas and suites at Ol Donyo Lodge have been designed to merge outdoor and indoor living, with views out overs the plains and the towering Kilimanjaro in the distance. Here, all the accommodations have their very own roof terraces where comfortable star beds can be set up, allowing guests to admire the twinkling sky above.

Kenya_Ol Donyo Lodge_26192__940x_oldonyowuas_photo-danaallen

Wolwedans, Namibia

Wolwedans Dune Camp in Namibia is a splendid gem filled with all the luxuries you could possibly need whilst in the middle of the desert. The Mountain View Suite not only provides amble living space, it is secluded from the other accommodations, boasting ultimate privacy. And of course, its main veranda has a ‘star-gazing’ bed, fit for a king, from where guests can sleep-out during the summer nights.

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