Zambia is the undiscovered treasure trove of Africa, with extraordinary natural beauty and some of the most pristine wilderness areas on the African continent. Discover its many attractions on one of Ashworth Africa’s tailormade Zambia safari holidays.

National Geographic Magazine described Zambia’s parks as ‘pure wild isolation’. 30% of the country is set aside for conservation, ranging from small nature reserves to the Kafue, Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa national parks, whose size, beauty and abundant game put them in the top tier of the world’s best game reserves. Walking safaris are a focus in many parks, pioneered in Zambia in the 1950s by renowned conservationist Norman Carr who believed that the best way to experience the wilderness was to walk it. 

Although Zambia boasts 17 significant waterfalls, most fade into insignificance against the spectacular Victoria Falls, with its plume of spray visible for miles around. The world’s biggest waterfall is astonishing at any time of the year, and this World Heritage Site combines with game parks and an exciting array of activities to make the area the centre of tourism in Zambia.

Highlights In Zambia

  • Famed for its seclusion and natural beauty, the South Luangwa National Park has lush riverine vegetation, plentiful game and fantastic bird watching.
  • In Lower Zambezi National Park, bush walks, game drives and boat cruises are all ways to enjoy the abundance and diversity of game.
  •  Take a dip in the infamous Devil’s Pool and peer over the edge of the mighty Victoria Falls.
  • Witness the largest animal migration on earth when millions of fruit bats take to the sky in Kasanka National Park.

Itineraries in Zambia

Best of Zambia

Three of Zambia’s most spectacular safari destinations in a highlight reel of water and wilderness that includes the majestic Victoria Falls, sublime South Luangwa and