Why Etosha is out of this world

Namibia’s Etosha National Park is pure safari gold, but not in the traditional “track down the Big Five” way. A visit to this vast, dry and remote southern African destination is about as far as you can get from the usual safari. It looks very different to what you might expect from the likes of […]

Ten amazing things you didn’t know about Namibia

Namibia is a vast, sublimely beautiful country that runs up the south-west Atlantic coast of Africa. It is home to a huge, ancient desert and great sand dunes, a battered coastline and an enormous canyon. For photographers, it’s a dream destination. If it’s not yet on your travel radar, here are some things about Namibia […]

Africa’s coolest star beds

Sleeping under the starlit skies is nothing new when you are on safari. But there are those that do it better than everyone else and will instantly sweep you off your feet. Whether you are experience it with your special someone or with the family, this is definitely an experience to add to your safari […]

5 activities to add to your safari holiday

When planning a safari holiday, it’s important to remember that no two safari experiences will be identical. While guides are trained to bring guests to where all the action is (and have an innate knack for doing so) sometimes wildlife is just too unpredictable. It therefore makes good sense to have a plan B – […]

What is a mobile safari?

A safari, Swahili for “journey”, is the quest to spot unique wildlife in their natural (and equally unique habitat). The word’s etymology takes on a whole new meaning when seasoned safari-goers embark on a mobile safari. What is a mobile safari? It is a journey through unexplored wilderness where travellers move around the area with […]

Must-visit lodges in 2017

A new year marks the start of list-making. And we’ve just concocted the ultimate list of lodges to visit in the coming year. 2016 has spoiled us with some fantastic openings and 2017 will just keep adding on to the varied collection of lodges that peppers the African continent. Without further ado, let’s dive into […]

Best exclusive-use lodges

Sometimes getting away from it all isn’t just about going under the radar or wandering into the unknown. It’s also about getting away with your favourite people to the most exquisite of places. So, if you enjoy multi-generational holidays with the whole family, or you just have a lot of very close friends you want […]

African Namibia Safari Camps – Hoanib Skeleton Coast

Namibia safari camps are unique in their arid landscape and desert-adapted wildlife and the Wilderness Safaris group has created a true oasis in the Namibian desert with their classic Hoanib Camp. The camp lies in the northwest of Namibia, in the region of the Hoanib Skeleton Coast, and along the Hoanib River within the Palmwag […]

Celestial Safari in Namibia – an Astral Adventure

A celestial safari in Namibia offers one of the best locations for stargazing in the world. The NamibRand Nature Reserve, situated in the Namib Desert of southern Namibia, was recognised as Africa’s first International Dark-Sky Reserve in 2012. The International Dark-Sky Association is a leading authority on light pollution and the effects that this has […]

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp – A Namibian Treasure

Within the vast landscape of the Namib Desert, by the Hoanib River and between the Palmwag and the Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia, the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is settled. A sense of blending into the earth lies about the place, which is surrounded by the rolling hills of the desert and affords the […]