Cheetahs return to Malawi

Liwonde National Park in Malawi welcomes back its first big cats, a profound milestone in the ongoing restoration of this valuable protected area.  Famous for its glorious Lake Malawi, easygoing vibe and blissfully uncrowded wildlife reserves and national parks, Malawi is working hard to rehabilitate its wilderness areas. The latest good news is the successful […]

Africa’s coolest star beds

Sleeping under the starlit skies is nothing new when you are on safari. But there are those that do it better than everyone else and will instantly sweep you off your feet. Whether you are experience it with your special someone or with the family, this is definitely an experience to add to your safari […]

5 activities to add to your safari holiday

When planning a safari holiday, it’s important to remember that no two safari experiences will be identical. While guides are trained to bring guests to where all the action is (and have an innate knack for doing so) sometimes wildlife is just too unpredictable. It therefore makes good sense to have a plan B – […]

Majete, an African conservation success story

Picture by Robin Pope Safaris Majete, in south Malawi, is an area spanning 70,000 hectares, part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, and has various habitats which allow for a wide variety of species to thrive – picture river valleys, riverine forests, waterfalls and mature woodlands, accompanied by granite-topped hills. Today, safari goers will have the […]

Diving in Malawi

Whilst Africa is more commonly associated with expansive plains and exotic animals grassing the savannah, there are hidden treasures that truly need to be explored. In this case: Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is reputed as being the best freshwater diving experience in the world. Its vast body of water – 22,488km2 to be precise, or […]