Africa’s coolest star beds

Sleeping under the starlit skies is nothing new when you are on safari. But there are those that do it better than everyone else and will instantly sweep you off your feet. Whether you are experience it with your special someone or with the family, this is definitely an experience to add to your safari […]

5 activities to add to your safari holiday

When planning a safari holiday, it’s important to remember that no two safari experiences will be identical. While guides are trained to bring guests to where all the action is (and have an innate knack for doing so) sometimes wildlife is just too unpredictable. It therefore makes good sense to have a plan B – […]

What is a mobile safari?

A safari, Swahili for “journey”, is the quest to spot unique wildlife in their natural (and equally unique habitat). The word’s etymology takes on a whole new meaning when seasoned safari-goers embark on a mobile safari. What is a mobile safari? It is a journey through unexplored wilderness where travellers move around the area with […]

Must-visit lodges in 2017

A new year marks the start of list-making. And we’ve just concocted the ultimate list of lodges to visit in the coming year. 2016 has spoiled us with some fantastic openings and 2017 will just keep adding on to the varied collection of lodges that peppers the African continent. Without further ado, let’s dive into […]

Royal Delta Lodge opening

  Royal Delta Lodge: the most exclusive property in the delta. Come March 2017, the Okavango Delta will expand its collection of unique lodges with the arrival of Royal Delta Lodge. Nestled between the Selinda and Vumbara River systems, future guests can expect to be wowed by the sweeping vistas of lagoons and plains, home […]

Holidays to book in advance

There are a plethora of unique experiences waiting to be uncovered on the African continent. And unlike for city escapes, travelling to this vast area of the globe requires preparation. Lots of it. Otherwise, you run the risk of not being able to find availability, or worse, having a subpar holiday. Who would want that? […]

50 Botswana Fun Facts

On 30th September 2016, Botswana celebrates 50 years of independence. Botswana is known as one of the premier safari destinations in southern Africa, for its exclusive ‘true-wilderness’ camps and mobile safaris. It doesn’t have quite the volume of for game as does East Africa, but in line with that, Botswana also has lower tourist numbers […]