Linkwasha Camp, Wilderness Safaris


Rebuilt from scratch, Wilderness Safaris reopened what is probably Hwange’s most luxurious camp in May 2015.

Linkwasha ups the ante on luxury accommodation in Hwange  – which has largely remained off the grid and only frequented by proper safari aficionados due to only having down-to-earth accommodation and less accessible international connections.

The camp’s exteriors are simple-meru style but its interiors are plush, and its glass-sliding doors are utilized to make the most of views of tall teak forests and occasional palm islands dotted through the Kalahari savannah and acacia woodlands.

With just 8 tents, this is an intimate wildlife experience, close to the Ngamo Plains in a private concession on the south-east side of Hwange National Park. Hundreds of elephants and buffalo come straight up to the camp, which you could see from the pool.

The nearly 90-year old park has been home to one of the densest concentrations of game in Africa, and is known as one of the best walking safari destinations on the continent. Venture out in rugged safari vehicles, or by foot to track lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, spotted hyenas, giraffes, and more. In the dry season, elephants crowd waterholes while zebras and eland graze on the open plains.

Linkwasha boasts a great deal to see in Hwange on its night and evening drives: lesser bushbaby, spotted hyaena, leopard, lion, Selous mongoose, pangolin, caracal, porcupine, scrub hare, springhare and even honey badger.

Linkwasha can also organise an authentic village experience that lasts usually around 4 hours, including the game drives to and from the village. The excursion often includes a guided tour of the school, meeting the headman or headwoman and enjoying cultural exchanges with the villagers.



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