5 activities to add to your safari holiday

When planning a safari holiday, it’s important to remember that no two safari experiences will be identical. While guides are trained to bring guests to where all the action is (and have an innate knack for doing so) sometimes wildlife is just too unpredictable. It therefore makes good sense to have a plan B – just in case! We give you 5 ways to add a little twist to your safari adventures.


Yoga safari

Yoga and safari. Whilst this seems like a random pairing, it actually makes a lot of sense. Tracking wildlife requires patience, staying immobile for a significant length of time and keeping your heart rate in check when the action comes around. A little bit of yoga at sunrise should help you remain zen and focused throughout the rest of the day, while some sunset yoga will help rejuvenate you after an intense day of safari. Namibia makes a pretty epic background for your sun salutations!


Diving in Malawi

Diving in Malawi? Yes! Wildlife is abundant on land but also below the waters in Malawi. Teeming with endemic freshwater life, Lake Malawi is definitely off the beaten track when you’re planning a trip to the southern hemisphere and rest assured it will not disappoint. Take a break from tracking lions and elephants and marvel at what lies beneath the lake’s crystal clear waters.


Hike the Ngorongoro Crater Rim

If you love the outdoors and really want to make the most of the unique landscapes that Africa has to offer, there’s nothing better than a hiking expedition. The options are endless – Great Rift Valley, Kilimanjaro, Fish River Canyon – but we have a soft spot for the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands in Tanzania. You can opt for a 3-hour trek around the crater rim or take your time to explore the highlands during a 5-day trek.


Horseback riding in Botswana

The Okavango Delta is an absolutely fascinating place, located within the arid Kalahari Desert. It is one of the most incredible wildlife sanctuaries in Africa with an abundance of wildlife make. So how could you possibly make such a unique setting even more spectacular? By admiring it on horseback. Horseback riding safaris in the Delta are like nothing you’ve ever tried before and topping this experience will require hard work!

Ibo Island. Mozambique


Africa’s vastness may seem overwhelming for urbanites but once you head for the skies, those feelings quickly turn into sheer awe. Ballooning in Africa is mind-blowing wherever you decide to do it.  But for the ultimate ballooning experience, head to the Serengeti or the Masai Mara during the Great Migration for some epic wildlife viewing.

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