What is a mobile safari?


A safari, Swahili for “journey”, is the quest to spot unique wildlife in their natural (and equally unique habitat). The word’s etymology takes on a whole new meaning when seasoned safari-goers embark on a mobile safari.

What is a mobile safari? It is a journey through unexplored wilderness where travellers move around the area with their own (luxury) camp, following the tracks left by the incessantly roaming animals. Wildlife-seekers set up camp in the bush, where game viewing is unrivalled, and move into new territory every couple of days, seeking new adventures.

The beauty of a mobile safari? It can take you to the most unexpected places – YOU the road you want to travel along…


Nothing beats the tranquillity and sense of space that a mobile walking safari provides. There are a number of ways to experience a mobile walking safari. One option is to opt for a fixed itinerary and walk from camp to camp on a daily basis – difficulty levels may vary depending on which destination you pick. Another option is to have a vague idea of where it if you are going and set up camp as you go along.

Where to go:

Follow the Mupamadzi River in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. It is the ultimate destination for a mobile walking safari, with wild and untouched terrain, game viewing opportunities every step of the way and most importantly few other adventurers.

Walking across the Mupamadzi

Horseback riding

If you are a rider, going on a horseback safari will be the most thrilling adventure you partake in. The opportunity to closely interact on horseback with zebra, antelope, buck and more, is unforgettable. Whether you are galloping after giraffes through the bush or walking at a distance from a herd of elephants, the rush of adrenaline is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Where to go:

When Botswana’s Okavango Delta floods, vast areas become inaccessible to vehicles, making horseback a unique way to explore the plains.

Ibo Island. Mozambique


Looking down from the window of you compact Cessna and what do you see? Seemingly never-ending plains with wildlife frolicking about. Making for the skies gives you an unparalleled view of the bush and allows you to grasp the vastness of the African savannah. The vantage point is unique as is the experience of flying in a light aircraft.

Where to go:

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia is the ultimate flying safari. The arid landscapes will surprise you with a profusion of desert-adapted species ranging from elephants, giraffes, lions and even seal colonies. Admiring the supernatural scenery down below is truly one of those bucket-list moments.



Needless to say, all living creatures need water to survive. It therefore comes to no surprise that wildlife populations are densest along river banks or lakes. Africa is teeming with unexplored channels and secret waterways, allowing close-up encounters with elephant, hippos, birds and much more.

Where to go:

The Chobe River is a massive waterway that serves as a border between Botswana and Namibia. The banks of the river boast the densest wildlife populations in southern Africa. You can travel in style aboard the Zambezi Queen, a 5-star floating hotel.

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