Why go on a luxury safari?

Whether you’re a newbie to the travelling scene or a serial bucket-list ticker, there’s no doubt that a safari is somewhere on your ‘must experience’ list. We couldn’t agree with you more. And the best way to experience a safari is to go all out and take the luxury route. Here’s why you should experience a luxury safari.


The accommodation

Staying in a safari lodge is easily one of the highlights of going on a safari holiday. There are few places in the world that offer such unparalleled luxury, one-of-a-kind settings and altogether unforgettable experience.

South Africa_Leobo Private Reserve_sil-sweet-lodge-dook-096
Admiring the view from Leobo Private Reserve


The food

It is certainly no easy feat to get to some of the most remote places in Africa to experience some of the most unique wildlife. Same can be said to getting food to said locations. But when you’re staying in a luxury lodge, the food isn’t just good, it’s fantastic. Being lost in the bush doesn’t mean your tasted buds can’t be pampered on a daily basis – there is always a chef conjuring up some culinary magic!


A chef prepares tapas for lunch at Singita Lebombo Lodge, where guests choose from a selection of small plates. This menu is designed to encourage sharing, and exploring different tastes and flavours. The tapas-style lunches can be served anywhere on custom-designed trays, at the pool, in the bar or even on the roof terrace. ————— In keeping with the lodge’s reputation for offering the most forward-thinking, contemporary safari in Africa, the kitchen was designed by award-winning chef Liam Tomlin, who owns Chefs Warehouse in Cape Town. Singita is working in close partnership with Liam to realign, refine and modernize the approach to food and dining at its lodges. #OurSingita #Singitagram #Singita_ #SingitaLebombo #LebomboLodge #KrugerPark #SouthAfrica #SafariFood #FoodatSingita

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Plunge pools

What better way to end (or start) your day than with a dip in your very own plunge pool? We can’t think of anything better. And of course, a plunge pool without a view is unthinkable when you are staying in a luxury lodge! Watch as elephants roam (maybe come up to your pool for a little drink) and listening to the roar of the lions in the distance.

Botswana_Zarafa camp102
Elephants say hello at Zarafa Camp, Botswana


Bathtubs with a view

Another great place to unwind after a day in the bush, your bathtub. But not just any old bathtub: a bathtub with a view. There is ample wildlife viewing from here – the aim of a staying in a luxury lodge is to not miss out on any of the opportunities that the bush could bring your way.


A relaxing end to the day at Madikwe Hills
A relaxing end to the day at Madikwe Hills


Safari guides are not only experts at reading tracks and taking you to the best places to view wildlife action, they also have a sixth sense when it comes to sundowners. They always seem to know just the place for some epic sunset viewing.


Sundowners in Zambia
Sundowners in Zambia

Extraordinary service

This may seem like a given, but it’s still worth noting: the service you will receive is second-to-none. From the ever-enthusiastic guides, to the passionate chefs, the smile adorning staff go out of their way to ensure you are having the trip of your life. Nothing is ever amiss and no detail is too insignificant. They truly make you feel like you are part of the family.

Learning to track wildlife
Learning to track wildlife

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