Tanzania Safari – Namiri Plains in Eastern Serengeti

Namiri Plains Tanzania safariNamiri Plains, a Tanzania safari, has made Travel and Leisure’s ‘It List: The Best New Hotels’ of 2015. Situated in an isolated region of Tanzania’s eastern Serengeti, Namiri Plains opened in July 2014 by Asilia Africa, who has made it their goal to ensure that the camp supports the Serengeti eco-system. Located in between the grassy fields and the acacia woodland, with rocky crags for lions to sunbathe atop and water holes for animals to drink from, the Serengeti is a game-rich area. It has a huge population of big cats, making this Tanzania safari a prime position from which to observe lions, cheetahs, and leopards in their natural habitat. The camp lies on the course of The Great Migration, allowing travellers the rare opportunity to see hundreds of wildebeest and zebra as they traverse the grassy plains.

Namiri Plains Camp and Wildlife

The Tanzania safari is deeply private, as there are only eight tents to choose from, and it is the only camp within a 45-mile radius. Shaded by acacia trees, each tent will give guests an experience of exceptional comfort while on safari, with solar-powered amenities and en-suite bathrooms. A well-stocked bar and luxurious lounge chairs set the scene for relaxing afternoons staring out at the sunny vista. Each tent has a panoramic view, allowing an endless vision of the plains and the wild animals which wander past. From October to May, the eastern plains are covered in fresh grass grown by the rains, and this draws the annual wildebeest migration through the Serengeti. At this time, herds in their hundreds can be seen, as well as zebra, gazelle, eland, and buffalo. The rain and the migration attract the predators during December and January, and travellers on their Tanzania safari are likely to witness spectacular shows of chase and capture by the big cats. The season makes for the most dramatic of photographic opportunities while animals can be seen to be stalking and killing their prey, and large clans of hyena scavenge for leftovers

Safari Activities

Experienced guides lead this Tanzania safari, with game drives occurring twice daily for wildlife viewing and bird watching. Walking expeditions allow travellers to get as close to nature as possible, and the guides are there to pass on their valuable knowledge and ensure safety at all times. In the morning, one can watch the sunrise while enjoying a breakfast picnic on the rock of Soit Le Motonyi, and in the evening, delight in sundowners on top of a kopje (a small hill). Having been off limits until 2014, the region has been largely untouched by the tourist industry, and the predators here are thus not as disinterested in humans as they generally are in high-traffic areas, making for some interesting wildlife experiences

The Tanzania safari at the Namiri Plains camp is a rare experience; unique in its position along the migration path. Here visitors breathe easily in the exclusive surrounds of the camp and live for their encounters with the wild.

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