Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, where the unstoppable Zambezi River plummets 108 metres over a cliff into the gorge below, forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. You will never forget your visit to Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

There is no need to make the hard choice between the classic picture-postcard views from the Zimbabwean side of the falls or the wildness of the Zambian side. Visitors can get a KAZA UNIVISA upon entry into Zambia, allowing tourists to visit both countries multiple times, or a day pass to cross the Victoria Falls Bridge, an easy half-hour walk to Victoria Falls National Park and the small, bustling town of Victoria Falls.

The Zambian side of the falls does offer its own advantages. Get really close to the falls (and absolutely soaked) with a once-in-a-lifetime walk on Knife Edge Bridge. Visit Livingstone Island and stand where David Livingstone first viewed the Victoria Falls, before considering a dip in the Devil’s Pool (if you’re brave enough) – a natural rock pool sitting right on the edge of Victoria Falls.  Trips to Livingstone Island and the Devil’s Pool are only accessible during the drier months (usually from June to January) – as is a walk down to the Boiling Pot, a vast whirlpool at the base of the pools.

Highlights In Victoria Falls

  • Bungee jump off Knife Edge Bridge or bridge swing across the Batoka Gorge
  • Conquer the rapids of the Zambezi River on an adrenaline pumping white water rafting excursion
  • Visit Livingstone Island, located in the middle of the Zambezi River – right of the edge of Victoria Falls
  • Enjoy different views of the falls, from a lazy river cruises, game drive, hot air balloon, microlight or helicopter!