Kafue National Park

The 2.25 million hectares of Kafue National Park in Zambia’s Central Province make it one of Africa’s biggest game parks – not to mention one of the best places in Africa to sight lion and leopard.

Established in the 1950s by renowned conservationist Norman Carr, Kafue is one of Zambia’s oldest parks, yet vast tracts of its wilderness remain relatively undeveloped and unexplored. Boat cruises on the broad Kafue River, which flows from north to south, offer excellent views of hippos, crocodiles, otters and elephants. The Zambezi’s biggest tributary, the Kafue is the only river that begins and ends entirely within Zambia. The Kafue and its tributaries are fringed with riverine forest.

The park’s varied habitats make it home to a wonderful diversity of wildlife and birds, with nearly 500 bird species and 158 mammal species recorded – including more species of ungulate than any other park in Southern Africa. In addition to predators like lion and leopard, cheetah and African wild dog also inhabit the park.

Highlights In Kafue National Park

  • Game drives and bird safaris are both wonderful experiences in Kafue – look out for Zambia’s only endemic bird, Chaplin’s barbet
  • Enjoy a slow sunset cruise on the Kafue River
  • Get a birds-eye view of the riverine forests, wetlands and plains of Kafue during an unforgettable hot air balloon safari