Safari ideas for solo travellers in Africa

Solo travel is a major travel trend of the past few years. Travellers are no longer being held back by the fact that they might not have someone who can, or wants, to join them on a trip. And safari companies are cottoning onto this too, with many lodges ditching the single supplement during low […]

The best walking safaris in Africa

Walking safaris offer a completely different experience to seeing the bush from a game vehicle. On foot, you view these wild areas of Africa from the same level as many of the animals and discover things you’d miss from a vehicle, such as tiny insects, plants and birds. Learn about the ecosystem and how everything […]

Answers to your most frequently asked safari questions

Going on safari for the first time can feel daunting – but the reality is anything but, especially when you’re staying at one of the best safari lodges on the continent. We get asked lots of questions, often very similar in nature. Here are some of the most popular queries, answered. When is the best […]

The best safaris in Africa for a digital detox

A few years ago, everyone was worried about whether they would be able to connect whilst on holiday, for work, for social media or to call home. Today we have the opposite problem: where in the world can we completely disconnect for a full digital detox? Most of us know that when there’s WiFi, the […]

What to expect on your first safari

If you’ve never been on a luxury safari before, you might find yourself wondering what kind of experience it will be. What should you pack? What’s a typical day like? Fear not: we have some of the answers to the questions people tend to ask before they head off on their first safari adventure. What […]

Your guide to Africa’s famous Big Five

If you’re even remotely interested in safaris, you’ve probably heard of the Big Five – namely, lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and rhinos. The ‘Big Five’ is actually an old hunting term, referring to the African animals that were the most difficult and dangerous to hunt on foot. Of course, here we refer to them as […]

The most epic bucket list experiences in Africa

We all have a list of things we want to do and places we want to see before we die. Some items may be unique and personal, whereas others are deservedly popular ‘bucket list’ fixtures. The diverse and beautiful continent of Africa is home to many of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We’ve rounded up some of […]

Discover Rwanda

Now is the time to visit Rwanda – Africa’s ‘land of a thousand hills’ – where two prestigious safari operators are opening their doors. Wilderness Safaris and One&Only will both provide an exceptional base from which to explore Rwanda. This is a country that offers a life-changing, transformative escape, with unparalleled encounters with highly threatened […]

Linkwasha Camp, Wilderness Safaris


Rebuilt from scratch, Wilderness Safaris reopened what is probably Hwange’s most luxurious camp in May 2015. Linkwasha ups the ante on luxury accommodation in Hwange  – which has largely remained off the grid and only frequented by proper safari aficionados due to only having down-to-earth accommodation and less accessible international connections. The camp’s exteriors are […]

Where to go when in Africa – month by month

Mara Plains

Africa is a huge continent with much regional climate variation. So, when you travel will depend on where you go – and vice versa. Here’s a brief guide to help you start planning your trip of a lifetime. Updated February 2019. January to March From December through to February, the wildebeest herds are in the […]