White water rafting at Victoria Falls

White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

This year’s white water rafting season at Victoria Falls has opened.

When a river 1.7 km/ 1 mile wide plunges 120 metres/ 395 feet over  the Victoria Falls and is trapped in a basalt gorge no more than 40m/ 130 feet wide, the result is….turbulence! For the next 70km/ 44 miles the warm waters of the Zambezi River offer some of the finest Grade 5 high volume rapids on Earth as it surges through the scenically splendid Batoka Gorge.

Rafting here started in 1985 and offers you the opportunity to experience the exhilaration and thrills of some of the biggest rapids in the world with highly trained, professional rafting guides. View the spectacular scenery of the gorge, learn about the vegetation and wildlife, while you raft your way down the Zambezi.

White Water Rafting Victoria FallsThe rapids below the Falls are among the world’s wildest but also the safest due to deep water, steep canyon walls and no mid stream rocks. The top section of the Batoka Gorge, rapids 1 – 10, includes the highest concentration of grade 4 and 5 rapids anywhere in the world. Spectacular scenery, sunshine, warm water and superb rapids all make this one of the greatest white water venues in the world. Safety is paramount and all precautions are taken to avoid accidents including plenty of safety kayaks, highly trained guides with a minimum of 5 years experience, radio communications and comprehensive evacuation facilities.

Victoria Falls is a “must-see” destination (whether you go  rafting or not)  and is an easy 100 minute flight from Johannesburg. There is a a host of activities and a wide range of high quality hotels available.

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