Walking with Bushmen

Haina Kalahari Lodge Botswana – walking with the Bushmenhaina kalahari lodge

Haina Kalahari Lodge in Botswana is in proximity to the ancient mecca of the Bushmen  inhabiting the area more than 6 000 years ago. In this area, history continues to live on because the Haina Bushmen are the living examples of an African original. Haina is home to a group of Bushmen, who continue their nomadic lives or become a part of the Haina family, interacting with guests and sharing their ancient knowledge. The basics of living, which includes scavenging for roots and plants; the reliance on fire and the taught ability to build fires; and the art of the rain dance.

At Haina, you will experience the tracking and survival skills of the Bushmen people and the accuracy of hunting with poisoned arrows – an ancient survival skill that the Bushmen of the Kalahari have retained.

Bushmen are also known as San people and are members of different indigenous hunter-gatherers of southern Africa. Their range includes Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Angola, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Not all San people share exactly the same language as there is a large linguistic difference between the northern people and those in more southerly areas.

The San were forced to switch to farming as a result of modernisation programmes, starting in the 1950’s, mandated by government. It is for this reason that it is difficult to find Bushman living the authentic San lifestyle and the fact that you can experience it at Haina Kalahari Lodge makes this a special experience.

The big cats of the Kalahari are part of the Haina safari experience

African lion drinkingBushmen are not the only exotic experience to be enjoyed at Haina Kalahari Lodge. The big cats can be viewed on game drives and the magnificent black mane lions never fail to thrill their audience. With luck, you may experience a lion kill, see cheetahs speeding after prey or glimpse an elusive leopard. There is an abundance of prey for the big cats in the Kalahari after summer rains green the parched earth.

Brown hyena and African wild dog are rare but sometimes seen, and shy bat-eared foxes make an appearance from time to time. Other nocturnal predators find a home in the Kalahari and have managed to adapt well to the sometimes harsh environment. The Haina Kalahari Lodge is surrounded by herds of gemsbok, eland and blue wildebeest. Other species that populate the area are zebra, kudu, impala and springbok. From the waterholes, one can view these mammals at leisure.

The famously cute meerkat also makes the Kalahari its home and the area also has a rich birdlife. The Central Kalahari has an abundance of migrating birds as well as residential species. If bird-watching is for you, the Haina Kalahari Lodge will place you in the perfect position to view some of the 250 species that have been positively identified.

Accommodation at Haina Kalahari Lodge

If rough camping is something you have relegated to your student days, the luxury of Haina Kalahari haina safari lodgeLodge will be the perfect respite. The lodge is designed for your enjoyment, and the accommodation is luxurious. If you are on honeymoon or simply on a romantic rendezvous, the lodge has the perfect accommodation for you. Families are welcome too and for those looking for a more authentic bush experience there are luxury tents.

The tented accommodation at Haina Kalahari Lodge is designed to offer optimum space and views of the Kalahari. With cool verandas and viewing decks, the accommodation is perfect for game viewing when not on a game drive.

The Safari Experience and walking with Bushmen

Game drives are at sunrise and sunset to ensure the best possible game-viewing. Experienced guide imparts their vast knowledge about the area, its peoples and the fauna and flora.

Walking with the Bushmen of the Kalahari will guarantee memories of a lifetime. Join us to experience Africa in a unique way.


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