Top African Travel Hotspots for 2015 – Lake Malawi, Rwanda & Madagascar

top travel hotspotsEmerging as the top African travel hotspots of the year are Lake Malawi, Rwanda, and Madagascar. As remote areas that are less commonly frequented and less overpopulated by the travel industry, travellers will escape the masses and discover a beautiful and relatively unexplored landscape that has not as of yet been trampled upon by decades of unforgiving tourism.

Top African Travel Hotspots

  • Lake Malawi is the ninth largest lake in the world; located in the east of Africa between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. The lake is a paradise world set against sandy shorelines and offering the best of relaxed holidays along the water. Its islands are a source of wonder and natural beauty. Boadzulu Island remains uninhabited, and is a rocky formation only three kilometres from the western shoreline. Likoma and Chizumulu are two islets on the lake that are inhabited by several ethnic groups whose main source of life is fishing from the Lake. The native Malawian people are renowned in Africa for their open friendliness, and those holidaying here will be astounded by the kindness they encounter. The Lake Malawi National Park to the south is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are many hotels and lodges in the surrounds. Tourists will want to take advantage of the beaches and the water attractions – which include diving and snorkelling, boating, sailing, and water-skiing. Those wanting to explore can take trips to the islands on the lake, or go camping. A sociable place and cultural attraction, all people are welcomed to Lake Malawi – one of the top African travel hotspots.
  • Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills – is situated in Central East Africa and is a predominantly rural country dominated by mountains, lakes, and rainforests. With its high peaks, primate species, and many hiking trails, this is one of the top African travel hotspots advised for adventurers and animal-lovers. There are three national parks – Nyungwe; Akagera; and the Volcanoes National Park. Nyungwe National Park has thirteen species of primates, while Volcanoes contains one-third of the world’s mountain gorilla population, making this a haven for researchers and photographers. Hike through the rainforest and the volcanic jungle following a trail of silverback mountain gorillas; visit Lake Kivu – one of Africa’s Great Lakes; and take a moment to think of Rwanda’s history at Kigali’s Genocide Memorial Museum. Tour the many colourful villages to gain an appreciation for the diverse people of the nation – the Hutu, Tutsi, and the Twa.
  • Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world, located off the Southeast African coast in the Indian Ocean, and of the three is likely the most well-known as one of the top African travel hotspots (seen the animation movie anyone?). The island has been largely untouched, and the many native tribes still practice their ancient rituals amongst the giant baobabs scattered throughout the country. Most of Madagascar’s wildlife is found nowhere else in the world, including the endemic lemurs. The mountains, rainforests, and beaches make for an outdoors holiday, and there are many activities to be experienced here. Every possible water sport is available, with diving and snorkelling in the crystal waters extremely popular. Go whale watching; grab a guide and play hide and seek (they hide; you seek) with the miniature 2cm-long Brookesia chameleons; or take a forest hike to observe the ring-tailed lemur.

These top African travel hotspots have been recognised as regions of spectacular beauty, diverse ecological and wildlife surrounds, and culturally and ethnically discrete. Travellers that explore these regions before they become conventional tourist spots will revel in an adventure of a lifetime.

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