The best marine safaris in Africa

The continent of Africa might best be known for traditional safari-based tourism – but the surrounding oceans are also full of life. Fortunately, some of these marine areas are now getting the protection they deserve: South Africa recently announced a new network of 20 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the Seychelles has initiated an innovative scheme […]

5 reasons you should visit Ol Pejeta in Kenya

In the foothills of Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa, Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a wonderful safari destination with solid conservation credentials. Pretty much all the activities you do here will support their conservation initiatives – such as protecting the last two northern white rhinos on the planet. Here are five reasons to […]

Beyond the game drive: exciting alternative safaris

When you think of a safari, you probably imagine being in a game vehicle – but this is just one way to explore the bush. There are many other modes of transport when it comes to safari, ever increasing as travellers become more active and more adventurous. Here are some top alternative safaris. Walking Not so […]

7 great reasons to safari in Zambia

One of the most underrated destinations in southern Africa, Zambia is a large, land-locked country tucked between Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia in the south, Angola to the west, Democratic Republic of Congo to the north, and Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique to the east. It’s home to some incredible wildlife events that barely anyone visits and […]

The best apps to download for a safari

Yes, there’s an app for everything! These are some of the most useful to download for a safari. Roberts Birds of southern Africa  It’s not cheap, but the Robert Birds app is a great resource for birders in southern Africa – it’s essentially a replacement for the Roberts birding book, but much easier to carry around. […]

21 fun facts you’ll love about lions

A firm favourite to spot on safari, lions are undeniably beautiful, majestic apex predators. From the distance their roars carry to whether females go for blonde or dark-maned males, brush up on your knowledge with these roar-some lion facts. 1. You can hear a lion’s roar from up to 8 kilometres away There’s nothing like […]

5 of the best wellness retreats in Africa

The term ‘wellness’ has come to mean many different things, be it spa treatments and massages or yoga and hiking. Whatever it means to you, there’s no need to let a holiday get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Here are five retreats offering a range of wellness experiences, from running in the wild […]

Why you should consider a green season safari


There are a number of advantages to travelling in low season throughout southern and Eastern Africa. The hottest, rainiest months are often referred to as the ‘secret season’, because although it’s not the most popular time to travel, safari experts know how rewarding green season safaris can be – and we’re going to spill the beans […]

5 African countries you should travel to in 2019

Struggling to pick a destination for next year’s big vacation? Let us help. These are five countries that should be on your radar in 2019. Rwanda is a very exciting travel destination right now. The government has committed to fostering a strong sustainable tourism model by inviting some of the top safari companies on the […]

What to pack for a safari in Africa

Packing for a safari can seem a tricky business. You have to bear in mind weight restrictions when travelling on light aircraft flights, the fluctuating temperatures in the bush and consider any other destinations you might be visiting. We’ve been on our fair share of safaris and know what you’ll need and what you won’t, […]