Why South Africa is a great destination for children

Safaris are the best for family travel. For wildlife-loving clans, game drives offer something for every age group; it’s the perfect opportunity for a tech detox; everyone learns something; and it’s great for bonding as a unit. But some places are better suited to kids that others; as a country, South Africa is our pick […]

What to expect on your first safari

If you’ve never been on a luxury safari before, you might find yourself wondering what kind of experience it will be. What should you pack? What’s a typical day like? Fear not: we have some of the answers to the questions people tend to ask before they head off on their first safari adventure. What […]

The most romantic luxury safari experiences in Africa


Choosing the most romantic luxury safari experiences is extremely difficult, because everything about safaris are romantic! From the seclusion and the surrounding wilderness to the beautiful lodges and camps we have here in Africa, this is a travel experience that is perfect for romantics. Here are some of the most special things you can experience […]

Your guide to Africa’s famous Big Five

If you’re even remotely interested in safaris, you’ve probably heard of the Big Five – namely, lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and rhinos. The ‘Big Five’ is actually an old hunting term, referring to the African animals that were the most difficult and dangerous to hunt on foot. Of course, here we refer to them as […]