With its old-world German influence and palm-frond greenery, the coastal town of Swakopmund is a charming, much-loved destination. It is also the heart of adventure sport in Namibia, where desert tours and action abound!

This is where Namibians, who call it Swakop, go on holiday to escape the heat of the interior, to surf and stroll along the promenade, to eat fresh oysters and good German cake. Swakopmund offers you a chance to brush off the desert dust and integrate with locals, a colourful mix of Ovambo, Herero, Damara as well as German and Afrikaans Namibians. Remnants of Namibia’s colonial past – such as beautiful old buildings and striking Herero women in voluminous Victorian dresses – give a surreal quality to this unexpected and unique seaside town.

Some of the world’s highest dunes can be found between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and adventure lovers can enjoy dune boarding, quad biking and unforgettable 4×4 trips. Those in serious holiday mode can explore Swakopmund’s craft beer breweries, coffee roasteries and curio shops, while foodies enjoy Swakopmund’s celebrated restaurants.

Highlights In Swakopmund

  • Book any number of dune adventures – including dune boarding, paragliding, skydiving or hot air balloon safaris
  • Visit the Kristall Galerie, where remarkable examples of the rich mineral and gem wealth of Namibia are on display, including a 1-ton quartz crystal and some fine meteorites. Rainbow-coloured semiprecious stones, exquisitely designed jewellery and cut stones are sold here, and master jewellery makers can be observed at work.
  • Explore the wonders of Sandwich Harbour, where the Namib Desert meets the ocean!
  • Go kayaking with seals and get up close and personal with both Cape fur seals and pelicans
  • Take a living desert tour and discover some of the most fascinating creatures of the Namib desert