Damaraland in Namibia’s northwest is about freedom. Its endless grass-covered plains and rugged mountains are fenceless. Animals like desert-adapted elephants and black rhino roam free. This is a place to renew your spirit and reclaim your horizons.

Here, ancient river courses, some seasonal, some dry, are life lines for many species. Elephant dig in the dry riverbeds until they find water. Black rhino and giraffe feed on the twigs and leaves of the hardy acacias along the banks. Hornbill squawk like babies from their lofty perch, as a lion slinks into the shade. Away from the riverbeds, large herds of springbok skitter and ‘pronk’ on the rocky terrain. Africa’s westernmost baobab trees grow happily in this hard ground, and crystals and gemstones can still be found scattered about.

A roadtrip in Namibia’s Damaraland offers up diverse wildlife, dramatic scenery (from the iconic granite peaks of the Spitzkoppe to Namibia’s ‘Petrified Forest’ just outside Khorixas), and unique geological and historic attractions, including some of the most prominent collections of ancient rock paintings and engravings in all of Africa.

Highlights In Damaraland

  • Visit Twyfelfontein (meaning ‘doubtful fountain’), a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 2 500 Bushman engravings on 212 slabs of rock
  • Explore the Brandberg and Spitzkoppe mountains, both popular hiking and rock-art venues. The Brandberg lays claim to Namibia’s highest peak, the Kӧnigstein at 2 573 metres, as well as one of Namibia’s most famous and beautiful examples of rock art, The White Lady
  • Experience traditional Damara culture at the Damara Living Museum near Twyfelfontein
  • Enjoy game-viewing drives with experience guides or track Namibia’s rhino with a team of dedicated conservationists