Quirimbas Archipelago

The exquisite Quirimbas Archipelago is a chain of 32 remote islands off the northern coastline of Mozambique. With 11 of its islands included in the Quirimbas National Park just off Pemba, this is the ultimate ecotourism destination.

The Quirimbas National Park protects 750 639 hectares of coastal forest and mangroves, rich coral reefs and abundant marine life. The sandy white beaches and azure sea are exceptionally beautiful, while the transparent tropical waters are alive with hundreds of fish species and marine creatures, including dugongs, whales and turtles. The area is justifiably famous for its excellent diving, snorkelling and game fishing.

Island life offers fascinating cultural interactions and you can explore ancient settlements and historical buildings that reflect the area’s significance as a trading post and meeting place of Arab, Swahili and European cultures. Fringed with palm trees and surrounded by tropical waters teeming with marine life, Ibo, Quilalea, Matemo, Vamizi and Matembe islands are particularly appealing, with a romantic, castaway magic.


This area is currently off-limits due to terrorist activity. We hope it’s not too many years before normality returns. The rest of Mozambique remains safe to visit.

Highlights In Quirimbas Archipelago

  • Warm turquoise water and crystal clear visibility ensures unbeatable snorkelling and scuba diving experiences
  • Island hop on a traditional wooden dhow, sea kayak or sailing boat
  • Enjoy an unforgettable SUP (stand up paddling) safari in the calm waters of the archipelago
  • Explore the history, nature and unique culture of the Quirimbas Archipelago with a tour of Ibo Island