Gorongosa National Park

One of the most biodiverse places on earth, the Gorongosa National Park is home to an astonishing population of creatures both big and small. The revival of Gorongosa National Park is nothing short of a miracle.

First declared a national park in the early 1900s, later formalised in 1960 and officially reinstated in 1994, this massive 3 770 km² jewel in the heart of central Mozambique has risen from the ashes of a 15-year civil war to become a remarkable beacon for wildlife conservation and a sanctuary for the animals that call it home.

Rugged, remote and beautiful Gorongosa National Park is divided into four unique ecological regions, each with its own microclimate and resident animal population. The differing regional environments – the Great Rift; Lake Urema and its rivers; Mount Gorongosa; and the park’s grasslands and forests – mean that visitors to the park are guaranteed distinctive safari experiences and animal sightings during their time there.

Nature lovers with a passion for seeing creatures in their natural habitat will be enthralled by Gorongosa’s wildlife regeneration programmes, unspoilt safari experiences, thriving scientific and research community and commitment to conservation.

Highlights In Gorongosa National Park

  • Explore the diverse wildlife of the region, with specialised day & night game drives in open-topped safari vehicles
  • Enjoy unique guided walking tours in this extraordinary wild animal reserve
  • Discover the park’s 500+ species of birds, including many birds of prey
  • Take in a cultural tour of the local Vinho community