The best marine safaris in Africa

The continent of Africa might best be known for traditional safari-based tourism – but the surrounding oceans are also full of life. Fortunately, some of these marine areas are now getting the protection they deserve: South Africa recently announced a new network of 20 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the Seychelles has initiated an innovative scheme […]

What are the ‘Little Five’?

You’ve heard of the Big Five – but what about the Little (or Small) Five? Safari is not all about the big animals, but also the tiny creatures so often overlooked. Meet the Little Five. Elephant shrew These shy rodent-like creatures are so-named due to their long snouts that bear some resemblance to an elephant trunk. […]

A guide to the urban wildlife of Cape Town

If you’re not going on safari, don’t worry – Cape Town is full of wildlife! Here are some of the animals you can spot in and around the city. Cape fur seals You’ll often spot these friendly mammals sunbathing around the V&A Waterfront, but the best way to see them in their natural environment, when […]

21 fun facts you’ll love about lions

A firm favourite to spot on safari, lions are undeniably beautiful, majestic apex predators. From the distance their roars carry to whether females go for blonde or dark-maned males, brush up on your knowledge with these roar-some lion facts. 1. You can hear a lion’s roar from up to 8 kilometres away There’s nothing like […]

Five of the rarest animals to see on safari

We love seeing all kinds of animals in the wild, from the ‘common’ impala (sometimes called the McDonald’s of the bush: a snack on every corner) to majestic lions and elephants. But there are some animals that are extremely special to spot on safari; even experienced guides will be fortunate to spot these. Here are […]

Water, water everywhere: How to enjoy Cape Town’s ocean

Cape Town is surrounded by the far reaches of the Atlantic Ocean, which blends into the Indian Ocean just along the coast at Cape Agulhas. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this watery environment, from swimming with the local seals to harnessing the power of the so-called ‘Cape Doctor’ wind. Here are some of […]

Your guide to Africa’s famous Big Five

If you’re even remotely interested in safaris, you’ve probably heard of the Big Five – namely, lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and rhinos. The ‘Big Five’ is actually an old hunting term, referring to the African animals that were the most difficult and dangerous to hunt on foot. Of course, here we refer to them as […]

The most epic bucket list experiences in Africa

We all have a list of things we want to do and places we want to see before we die. Some items may be unique and personal, whereas others are deservedly popular ‘bucket list’ fixtures. The diverse and beautiful continent of Africa is home to many of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We’ve rounded up some of […]