Beyond the game drive: exciting alternative safaris

When you think of a safari, you probably imagine being in a game vehicle – but this is just one way to explore the bush. There are many other modes of transport when it comes to safari, ever increasing as travellers become more active and more adventurous. Here are some top alternative safaris. Walking Not so […]

The best walking safaris in Africa

Walking safaris offer a completely different experience to seeing the bush from a game vehicle. On foot, you view these wild areas of Africa from the same level as many of the animals and discover things you’d miss from a vehicle, such as tiny insects, plants and birds. Learn about the ecosystem and how everything […]

First of its Kind in Kenya: Tracking Black Rhino on Foot

Opening in February 2017 ‘Saruni Rhino’ will be offering the first walking safari in Kenya specifically focused on tracking the endangered black rhino, on foot. Guests will undertake this unique experience alongside an expert Saruni guide and a highly-trained Sera Community Conservancy ranger, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and using ancient samburu tracking skills. […]