Why you should consider a green season safari


There are a number of advantages to travelling in low season throughout southern and Eastern Africa. The hottest, rainiest months are often referred to as the ‘secret season’, because although it’s not the most popular time to travel, safari experts know how rewarding green season safaris can be – and we’re going to spill the beans […]

Six of the best summer vacation ideas in Africa

It’s a happy coincidence that that Northern Hemisphere’s summer holidays overlap with the best time to travel to many African destinations. Winter in Africa usually means dry conditions and cooler temperatures, which animals love. It’s generally still warm enough to wear a t-shirt during the day, so it hardly feels like the winters many of […]

Stories to inspire: The best travel books about Africa

Something about travelling through African countries seems to demand pen is put to paper. From colonial-era experiences in East Africa and epic trips around the continent to accounts of the author’s own country, there is a plethora of books available about this vast, diverse continent. Each of these top travel books reveals a different perspective, […]

Cheetahs return to Malawi

Liwonde National Park in Malawi welcomes back its first big cats, a profound milestone in the ongoing restoration of this valuable protected area.  Famous for its glorious Lake Malawi, easygoing vibe and blissfully uncrowded wildlife reserves and national parks, Malawi is working hard to rehabilitate its wilderness areas. The latest good news is the successful […]

Diving in Malawi

Whilst Africa is more commonly associated with expansive plains and exotic animals grassing the savannah, there are hidden treasures that truly need to be explored. In this case: Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is reputed as being the best freshwater diving experience in the world. Its vast body of water – 22,488km2 to be precise, or […]