What are the ‘Little Five’?

You’ve heard of the Big Five – but what about the Little (or Small) Five? Safari is not all about the big animals, but also the tiny creatures so often overlooked. Meet the Little Five. Elephant shrew These shy rodent-like creatures are so-named due to their long snouts that bear some resemblance to an elephant trunk. […]

Stories to inspire: The best travel books about Africa

Something about travelling through African countries seems to demand pen is put to paper. From colonial-era experiences in East Africa and epic trips around the continent to accounts of the author’s own country, there is a plethora of books available about this vast, diverse continent. Each of these top travel books reveals a different perspective, […]

Tracking the Great Wildebeest Migration

East Africa’s annual wildebeest migration is an unmatched wildlife spectacle. This Great Migration through the Serengeti and Masai Mara is an ancient cycle triggered by seasonal rainfall and the growth of sweet new grasses, which sets these mega herds in perpetual motion. While there is a typical annual movement pattern, each month of the year […]