Escape to the Quirimbas Archipelago, a magical marine wilderness off the northeastern coast of Mozambique. Only recently making it onto the adventure-travel map, this remote chain of pristine tropical islands is just waiting to be explored.

The Quirimbas National Park, 30 nautical miles north of Pemba, protects 750 639 hectares of coastal forest and mangroves, rich coral reefs and abundant marine life, including sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins and 375 fish species, including threatened pipefish and seahorses. Habitats include mountains, forests, woodland, savannah, mangroves, beaches, coral reefs and sea-grass beds.

Dive into this underwater wilderness at remote and beautiful Ibo Island, where you can snorkel from isolated sandbanks, kayak through mangrove swamps, scuba dive both shallow sites and dramatic drops, and explore underwater landscapes teeming with rainbow-bright fish. On land, explore the fascinating heritage and culture of Ibo, once an important post on the ancient trade route between Europe and the East. Visit the silversmiths who still ply their trade in villages where centuries of colonisation by cultures ranging from Chinese, Indian and Arabic to Portuguese the have left their architectural and cultural imprint.

Move on to the exclusive paradise of Quilalea Island, a totally private island sanctuary in the heart of the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park. This nature-lover’s paradise offers an island idyll with a distinctly African flavour: statuesque ancient baobab trees add to the greenery of tropical palms on 85 acres of indigenous vegetation that hosts incredible birdlife. Quilalea an important nursery for olive ridley, green and hawksbill turtles, and its situation in the marine sanctuary guarantees spectacular snorkelling and diving.

Itinerary overview

Duration8 days/ 7 nights
AccommodationAzura Quilalea Private IslandIbo Island Lodge
Suited ForFamily & friends; adventure; romance; off the beaten track
HighlightsOutstanding snorkelling & scuba diving; protected marine sanctuary; heritage & cultural Ibo Island visits; barefoot beach luxury; Ibo silversmiths

Itinerary in detail

Image of Ibo Island Lodge

Densely forested Ibo Island is a remote tropical paradise. With swaying palms and translucent waters teeming with a veritable aquarium of marine life, Ibo is extraordinarily beautiful. Snorkel in turquoise waters off deserted white sandbanks, enjoy exciting dolphin- and whale-viewing safaris, kayak the coastline and soak up the fascinating history of this trading post where successive waves of colonisers through the ages have left a layered architectural heritage and cultural influence.

Image of Azura Quilalea

Sublime simplicity is the hallmark of exquisite Quilalea Island, an exclusive private sanctuary in the heart of the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park. This is a magical marine wilderness, and Quilalea’s house reef is just a short splash off the main beach. It’s also an important breeding ground for olive ridley, green and hawksbill turtles. The 85-acre island has four gorgeous beaches and 58 ancient baobab trees, all contributing to the magical Robinson Crusoe atmosphere.

Accommodation in Mozambique

Azura Quilalea Private Island

Discerning travellers live in the lap of laid-back luxury at Azura Quilalea, where nine gorgeous seafront villas on this baobab-strewn island in the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park provide you with your own private island castaway home. Few experiences can beat the luxury of stepping onto the beach from your own secluded stone-and-thatch villa and diving straight into the limpid tropical waters that lap at the shore. The unspoilt house reef just off the main beach offers spectacular snorkelling and scuba diving. Azura Quilalea accommodates no more than 18 guests in absolute privacy. Here, down-to-earth hospitality combines seamlessly with sophisticated luxury.…

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Accommodation in Mozambique

Ibo Island Lodge

Wonderfully atmospheric and blissfully luxurious Ibo Island Lodge – made up of three elegant colonial-era villas in a prime position on the edge of the Indian Ocean – has been sensitively restored to its former glory and beautifully furnished with lovingly sourced Indian antiques.  Densely forested 3 500-hectare Ibo, the best-known island in the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park, is a green dot surrounded by a vast expanse of cerulean tropical waters. A remote tropical paradise with swaying palms and balmy azure waters filled with a veritable aquarium of marine life, Ibo is extraordinarily beautiful, but there is more: one of the…

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