Skeleton Coast

Land of sea mist and sand, shipwrecks, seals and the white bones of whales – the Skeleton Coast is as evocative and wild as its name suggests. Still only partially explored, few places on the planet feel as untouched as Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.

The Skeleton Coast National Park stretches from the Kunene River in the north to the Ugab River in the south and protects a third of Namibia’s coastline. Monumental dunes plunge dramatically down to the turbulent water’s edge – one of the most bleakly beautiful sights in the world.

More than 1 000 vessels have foundered here over the last few centuries; the winds and deadly currents must take most of the blame but the infamous fog, caused by icy sea and hot desert air colliding, surely played its part. And yet this cool white sea-blanket is the lifeblood of the Skeleton Coast. Every living thing here harvests water from the fog in some way – producing one of the most isolated, fragile and incredible ecosystems in the world.

Highlights In Skeleton Coast

  • Visit the shipwrecks scattered along the Skeleton Coast and uncover the stories they tell
  • Take in unique wildlife spectacles, such as the heaving Cape fur seal colony at Cape Fria, or the shimmering salt flats that support thousands of flamingos and great herds of springbok
  • Search for Namibia’s desert-adapted elephants – and spot gemsbok, jackal, ostrich, brown hyena, and even black rhino, lion and giraffe – during a game viewing drive
  • Walk across the beach at Mӧwe Bay and search for semiprecious stones polished to perfect gemstones by the endless waves
  • Enjoy a day trip to the desert oases of Klein Oase and Auses springs, and marvel at the desert wildlife that come to drink