Christmas Gift Ideas for Safari Goers

Christmas is less than a month away and if you’re starting to panic about not having something for the tree, we’ve got some ideas for the African safari enthusiast in your life. Our list features useful items that are functional and will ensure your gift is used for a long time to come!

Buff (USD 15.00 by Buffwear)

The buff is one of the most versatile accessories – it can be a scarf, headband, and is easy to pack, and wear, such that it doesn’t get tangled up in your buttons or zippers. Buffwear has a charitable range that goes towards UNICEF projects providing vital support and care for children affected by HIV, conflict and poverty all over Africa.


Hat (USD 84.00 by Tilley)

Make sure to keep the sun out of your face, but don’t forget your neck either! A wide brimmed hat will do both, which works much better than a cap. There are several options available but Tilley’s is one that most safari guides swear by. For ease of packing, rest assured it can be stuffed away and still comes back to life.


Torch (USD 18.00 by Maglite)

A torch is always useful in the bush, when walking back to your tent at night or if you are on a mobile safari and don’t have a light switch! Maglite’s Solitaire is small and easy to slip into your carry-on – it also comes in fun colours of blue, pink and red.


Mosquito Itch Banisher (USD 9.95 by Zapit)

Sometimes it seems like no matter how much insect repellent you use, you always seem to be the one that’s perpetually suffering from mosquito bites. Rather than trying to kill the itch by incessant scratching or by trying to ignore it, try ZapIt. Its technology is based on dimming the urge to scratch by low electrical impulse created by crystals (commonly used in clocks, lighters and guitar pickups).


Autofocus Binoculars (from USD 69 by Bushnell)

While most experienced safari goers may turn up their nose at this “focus-free” feature (there is no knob to adjust unlike traditional binoculars), we think it’s still pretty neat that this technology exists. Hold it up to anyone’s eyes and it will automatically focus on what you are looking at!


Happy shopping from Ashworth Africa!


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