Game Viewing in South Africa – Jaci’s Lodges

By Ashworth Africa, January 27, 2015

Game viewing in South Africa is famous for its diverse wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes. The Madikwe Game Reserve is South Africa’s fifth largest game reserve, situated in the north-west province adjacent to the Botswana border, and lies on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. With more than sixty wild mammal species on the reserve, and over 300 bird species, Madikwe is a prime destination for game viewing in South Africa. It is essential to make a booking at one of the many spectacular lodges on site to gain access to this private park – thus ensuring that the reserve remains crowd free without the mass of day visitors. Jaci’s Lodges offers the option of a 5-star luxury accommodation for individual travellers, honeymooners, and families, and is settled in the heart of the Madikwe Game Reserve.

The range of wild animals makes game viewing in South Africa a spectacular experience, and Jaci’s Lodge is located at the hub of it all. Guests are taken on game drives where they may see lions, leopards, and rhinos, or on guided bush walks where they may come across a herd of elephants, giraffes, and antelope. From a private balcony, guests may see warthogs rolling in the mud below, or less commonly, a crocodile in the river. Jaci’s Lodges offers two options for accommodation – the Tree Lodge or the Safari Lodge. Jaci’s Tree Lodge provides something unique; for those who are game viewing in South Africa and want an experience that is quite literally, a cut above the rest. On the edge of the Marico River, 8 spacious rooms have been built in the trees – a tree house for the person who always dreamed of having one as a kid but never did, but with all the luxury that a kid’s tree house doesn’t have. For bird lovers, the Tree Lodge grants an unparalleled view of the birds. Jaci’s Safari Lodge has ten rooms; two of which are family suites. Both lodges have private decks, heating and air conditioning, and swimming pools, while the two large suites have the added benefit of a personal guide and vehicle.

While the main activity during holidays spent game viewing in South Africa is, naturally, observing the wonders of the game, there remain a myriad of leisurely activities to enjoy at Madikwe. During the day when one isn’t on a bush walk or game drive – which includes a specialised photographic safari – there are several swimming pools to relax in; a gym; the Masala Retreat which offers a range of rejuvenating spa treatments; and a games room where children can amuse themselves with table tennis and board games, giving parents a chance to relax (possibly over high tea!). The Star Bed is one of Jaci’s Lodges most appealing attractions, and a rarity for game viewing in South Africa. Set along the bank of the watering hole, a small hide has been constructed, with a shade sail recently attached. The construction blends into its surroundings and allows guests to remain largely hidden while they quietly observe and photograph the animals while they drink from the water hole. The shade sail ensures that the heat is kept at bay and folds away at night to let in the light of the stars. Above the hide is a four-poster bed for guests to relish a night out in the wild and under the moon. This gives guests a rare viewpoint from which to witness any animals sauntering by the waterhole during the night and in the early hours of the morning.

Game viewing in South Africa is an essential part of any African adventure, and Jaci’s Lodges in the Madikwe Game Reserve offer something that is uniquely wild, but still luxurious. Their dedication to recycling water and uplifting the lives of the staff members makes this a safari that can be guiltlessly cherished.

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