A Tanzania safari in the time of covid-19

Ashworth Africa’s founder Patrick Ashworth visited Tanzania late July and early August 2021, to revisit some of our favourite lodges (to check that the highest standards are being maintained) as well as inspecting new ones for possible future use by our clients. A couple have been dropped from our portfolio of preferred lodges, while we […]

Get the most out of your African safari

safari travellers on board a mokoro canoe in the Okavango Delta

So you’ve booked the vacation of a lifetime to come on safari with Ashworth Africa. Good move! Now it’s time to prepare and get informed about what to expect from your time with us in Africa. First of all, relax – we’ve got you covered. The Ashworth Africa team will take care of every part […]

Why Etosha is out of this world

Namibia’s Etosha National Park is pure safari gold, but not in the traditional “track down the Big Five” way. A visit to this vast, dry and remote southern African destination is about as far as you can get from the usual safari. It looks very different to what you might expect from the likes of […]